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Find general information and resources on both Type I and Type II diabetes to keep you and your family informed on this common disease that affects over 12% of Tennessee. 


Cornerstones 4 Care

Click below for detailed information on tracking A1C, monitoring glucose, and other resources

Quick Tips & Preventative Care:

  1. Nutrition

    • Eating regular meals spread throughout the day​

    • Carbohydrate management

    • Reducing fats, specifically saturated fats

    • Understanding the Glycemic Index (GI) of food

  2. Exercise​​

    • 2-3 days of low-intensity cardio including walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming​

    • 2-3 days of resistance training focused on muscular endurance

  3. Check the following:

    • Feet daily for wounds and sores​

    • Quarterly labs and primary care visits

    • Annual eye exams for diabetic retinopathy

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